"The photos they've taken for our family are truly treasures that I'm so grateful to have. They are a laid back and easy-going team. We are repeat customers who will be back again." - Kendra

This is a bit of information regarding our sessions. Feel free to contact us with any questions at all! We would love to talk more with you to help personalize the perfect session for you and your family. 


"Best photographer in virginia beach! I wish I was still there so I could have more pictures taken!" 

We have made maternity & newborn portraits our specialty for over 10 years, but we still LOVE our families! We recommend family portraits take place outdoors. It tends to be less stress on your family and allows for more interaction between everyone. The kids enjoy it more than sitting in one place for studio portraits. We like our sessions to be stress free and lots of fun! If you're looking specifically for studio portraits, we can certainly do that instead.


"AMAZING! Looking through the proofs of my little one's newborn session brought tears to my eyes! Very talented and professional photographers!" - Katie

The best time to book your maternity and/or newborn session is as soon as you decide you'd like to shoot with us. We book up quickly! We strongly recommend booking at least 6-8 weeks in advance. If you decide at the last minute that you'd like portraits or you have already had your baby, please contact us and we will do our best to squeeze you in, depending on our schedule that week. We recommend maternity portraits take place between 32-35 weeks along and newborn portraits take place within baby's first two weeks. We can still get amazing portraits outside of those dates so don't hesitate to contact us. 

What sets us apart from other maternity & newborn photographers? We are the only husband & wife newborn photography team in the area. We work together at every newborn shoot. While photographing newborns, much of the shoot, we communicate without even speaking. We know exactly what we are looking for in a pose and work together to achieve it. Certain poses are not able to be done safely without an assistant. While Jason captures every thing, Brandy is constantly caring for your newborn and perfecting the poses. Mom and Dad are welcome to relax, help your self to snacks and drinks, read or even take a nap! 

We have maternity gowns here - you are welcome to choose one of them to wear and/or bring your own. The dresses are a size Medium, but are very stretchy and fit an assortment of sizes. Please contact us to view our wardrobe.


Our session fee is $150. Prints begin at $60. This includes your session time and a personalized viewing and ordering appointment. We offer the highest quality heirloom products, as well as digital images. Please contact us for more detailed pricing information. 


We are the Griffins - Jason, Brandy, Oliver, Oscar & Elliot. Some would say that we are a husband & wife photography team, but we feel we're more of a family photography team. Our kids have encouraged the development of our business from the very beginning. They are our "why" and we have no idea where we'd be without them!

How we work? Your first interaction will likely be with Brandy. She handles all of the emails, planning and scheduling. She helps you decide exactly what you're hoping for from your session. You'll find Jason doing his thing behind the camera occasionally with Brandy assisting during sessions.  After your session, Jason does all of the culling of images and basic editing. Then Brandy will help with a more extensive edit to perfect your final images.

After 10+ years, we've grown a hobby into something big - Griffin Photography. If you know us personally, our backgrounds, how hard we've struggled and worked for this, you'll know just how proud we are of what we've built. We turned our dreams into our reality. We are so fortunate to be able to do something we love and we are thankful for this every single day.

One of our favorite parts of our career? The relationships we build with our clients. We consider so many of you friends! Words cannot even describe how we feel when we are not only included in all of your important milestones, but we're trusted to capture all of those perfect little moments (and let's be real...those not so perfect moments too! ;) ).

A little about our family....

Things we love... being outdoors, traveling, healthy food, the beach, Disney World, Star Wars, Harry Potter, holidays, Trader Joe's, family adventures and very rare date nights.

We met in 2004 (working at a restaurant, lol) and quickly became best friends. We were inseparable and spent much of our time together on spontaneous trips, traveling to see new places. We got married in 2006 - a little wedding in a friend's backyard and then honeymooned in Italy - amazing! We have been through everything together and would be lost without each other. Our kids are our life and we are absolutely thankful that we were able to turn a passion into a career that allows us both to be home with our kids...even if they do make us a little crazy. ;)

Want to learn more about these amazing kids?

Oliver is 8 and wants to be a surf photographer when he grows up. He loves skateboarding, nature, sports, animals, bugs, the ocean and anything that allows him to be outdoors. He's obsessed with all things Star Wars. He is our family's peace maker. He is so nurturing and the sweetest brother anyone could ask for - he will make an amazing father one day!

Oscar is 5 years old and our wild child! If you follow us on instagram, you'll know Oscar! He makes the best faces. He is constantly entertaining- you never know what he's going to do or say next! He loves making people laugh and asks 100 questions a day. He may start off shy, but once he warms up, well... we'll just say he is full of personality! ;)

Last, but certainly not least, our little Elliot. She is everyone's baby - all of the kids are crazy in love with her - the perfect little addition to our family. We call her the prettiest and happiest baby in the world. She is incredibly sweet and smart. Like her brother, she loves making everyone laugh. She is constantly learning new things to keep up with everyone in the house. Her current favorites (besides her family) are giggling, blowing raspberries, dancing, perfecting her army crawl (against our wishes! :( we wanted her to stay stationary for as long as possible. At 5 months, we have a feeling this won't last long and she'll be walking in no time), peek-a-boo, water bottles, paper, bags and anything that is not a toy.

Now that you know a little about all of us, we hope to learn about your family as well. Please send us an email and let's start planning your perfect session!